The Clouds Are Gathering

by Conation



Originally released on Compact Disc by Poison City Records (PCR028), 2009

Engineered and produced by Geoff Mullard with Conation at Rock The Nation Studios, Newcastle 2-7 September 2005, 8th and 14th March 2006, 18th November 2006, 22-24 December 2007. Mixed 24-26 May 2008 by Geoff Mullard and Conation. Mastered June 2009 by Fred Rodrigues. Cover photography by Peter Koh

CONATION on this recording were:

Dale Townsend
Genna Pyewacket
Jamie Hay
Murray Ruse


released November 16, 2009



all rights reserved


Conation Newcastle, Australia

Jamie Hay
Dale Townsend
Murray Ruse
Genna Pyewacket

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Track Name: The Clouds Are Gathering
we've seen the clouds gathering, swallowing the horizon. fear choking our hearts as we struggle to breathe. behind the wasted words where panic cripples us. we are hardly thick skinned. we sing our hearts out (still we don't want to know). we hear their crying (still we don't want to know). we feel their pain (still we don't want to know). we hear their crying. all I ever ask, is if these days intend to break us that these words will give us strength
Track Name: Deep Concerns
there are sore throats and bleeding hearts in this country right now. who want an end to this war and don't want to be pushed into line with the rest of the "free world". yeah, we all share these deep concerns and we don't want you to speak for us anymore. so, do this country proud and shut your fucking mouth. we'd like to see some respect for the world community. until then will you listen to your people please? we believe there are better ways to bring peace. you stole their sky, you liars. you set it on fire, you liar. so as I look to the night sky all I see are brilliant shining lies
Track Name: Send The Liars (To Abu-Ghraib)
words, they don't mean everything. I heard him speak of words that he never said. they were lies after lies that lit the sky. dropping bombs on countries, language and accountability. they cut the ribbons in the streets, and then the blood ran free. what will we do with the liars? (that are responsible for the innocent dead). what will we do with the liars? and where can we send them? words, they don't mean anything. he said things that he never did. there was no light in his eyes as he spoke. every word fell apart from his mouth. as he continued to justify the means. all the while denying responsibility. my heart is full with all of this rhetoric, all of this talk. designed to deceive and drag us off to war. while families mourn their dead and pray for "nevermore"
Track Name: I Was Only Nineteen
(originally performed by Redgum)