Troubled Waters And Fortresses

by Conation



Originally released on Compact Disc by Deplorable Recordings (DEP-22), 2003

Recorded and mixed by Geoff Mullard at Rock The Nation Studios, Newcastle. Mastered by Oscar Ganoa at Studios 301, Sydney

CONATION on this recording were:

Murray Ruse / Drums, Percussion
Dale Townsend / Bass
Heath Rowley / Guitar, Vocals
Genna Pyewacket / Violin, Vocals
Jamie Hay / Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic, 12 String, Piano


released June 1, 2003



all rights reserved


Conation Newcastle, Australia

Jamie Hay
Dale Townsend
Murray Ruse
Genna Pyewacket

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Track Name: The Silence
are these the days of discontent?
and where I learn to settle in to the idea
that this world will never end, until everything
we know is taken by those who want it now
and those who will do their best to fool us
"somehow" by their profound greed and shallow
integrity. I can't help but feel disheartened
but I haven't fallen out of love with
this world...yet
this world of beauty
this world of hope
this world, so full of fear
it's going to end right here
the silence
I feel helpless and dejected
as these words fell to restrain me
(speak from the heart or not at all)
I feel helpless and dejected
I feel helpless, I feel helpless
my heart won't let go of what ails me
(I think that you should let go)
your words are weights used only to bring me down
why can't they have wings and give me flight
please hurry I feel like I am going to drown
all alone
Track Name: When Tyrants Orate
listening to these political poets reciting policies to
the betterment of companies with such heart like
as if their words mean anything but to deconstruct
these barriers to trade. we are expected to stomach
and ignore their words and actions which defile
our world and discourage our attempts to protest
like good workers, good children, good citizens
we shut up. this is what happens when
tyrants orate. we lose control of our lives
Track Name: Secure Measures
as I sit here today I give love and praise to
the road and the car that drove me out of
that place because to learn at that age of
the hatred that sits at the bottom of bottles
was a lesson that I could never lose
I guess I was scared to take on those eyes
and those fists, become everything that
I endured as a kid. I have taken secure
measures to ensure that this cage door
will never open and I hope that is enough
because I never want to hurt the ones
I love so much. I am armed with this glass
in my feet and a sharp memory, it has
become a part of me and I'm not sorry
Track Name: They Have Come This Far
it doesn't look like there is sanctuary anywhere
it doesn't look like we can outrun this pain and
rid our lives of this fear, it seems that we are
destined to remain chained to this iron fist and
governments of indifference
at what length does the chain pull
when you can't escape what's killing you?
I would give my life for my family to plant
their feet in the sand, to feel freedom for once in
their lives, to sleep safe in our beds at night...
and not be at the end of racism and hate
black labelled by the media and the heads of state
to feel freedom for once in our lives
to feel free
Track Name: Slow Motion Catastrophes
so much for slow motion catastrophes
the world has turned on us again
trying to take all that we have built
and worked towards with our hearts
and our hands
well fuck them! they can't have it!
this is our world and we're allowed
to fight for it
there is nothing they can do to change that
we are not going to choke on their teargas
we are not going to swallow their lies
we are not going to sit down and shut up
we are not going to cover our eyes
we are not going to stand still while
the noose is tightening
we are not going to "wait for those who
will be more merciless than history"
there is a war on us, waged upon our voice
and against those of who we speak
our songs will sing in the streets
and there is nothing they can do about it!
Track Name: In History's Page
in 50 years time what will they say
of our lack of compassion and concern
for the people in such obvious distress?
will we ever fucking learn?
we're convinced that the world outside is trying to get in
so we lock our doors and hide in our homes
put our faith in the government
for more police and tighter laws
and we think this will deal with the
problems we won't face
multinational corporations with a vested interest
of centralising and maintaining the global imbalance
of power, and as long as they control the money
it doesn't matter who writes the laws
they drive down the cost of labour
to accelerate their profits
while the media play us like puppets
wind up the facts like always
playing their games
comparing a desperate break for freedom
to pushing to the front of a line
instead of a will for life